Hurtin bombs was established in 2009 by a pair of fitness professionals, who also happen to be self confessed movie buffs. Since most of us have been inspired at one time or another by our on screen heroes, our aim is to bring you the latest news and info on the training techniques of the stars, along with solid facts on nutrition, health, and the occasional irreverent look at how not to do it. 

We also consider ourselves a strong remedy to all the false fitness information that’s floating around on the net (and the bull that’s coming out of peoples mouths). For example: How many of you have subscribed to get ripped in 3 weeks? Or lose 20 pounds in three days? We’ve all seen the ads up there and I for one am sick of them.

You won’t get ripped in three weeks! You have to build muscle over months, even years!

You won’t lose twenty pounds in three days! If you do you should see a doctor!

We promote only the true keys to success

Training hard

Eating healthily

and getting solid rest.

Here we won’t try to trick you into buying our programmes, or sell you false information. We are a provider of accurate fitness and health info - with a side interest in relevant movie related news and reviews. 

So whether your aim is to get as ripped as the 300 Spartans, to learn more about the human body, or just to have a laugh, there‘s something here for you.

Let’s start buildin’ some Hurtin’ bombs!